Busy Year!

I've been busy busy busy! I've been doing it all! I made my very first character start to finish!

In our game Fairplay, it teaches understanding and overcoming implicit bias, we are upgrading the characters and here is mine!

I concepted him when I had to redo all the character portraits. I modeled him in Zbrush. Re-topped him into lower poly count in Maya. Used 3DS Max for UV ripping. Substance painter for textures. Photoshop for the face and clean up textures. Rigged and skin weighted him for animations in Maya.

Did I mention I got to redraw the character portraits in the game?

Here is Morgan!

I was going for the style Grand Theft Auto V has in it's loading screens. I gave them thicker lines to make them read better when they're really tiny on screen.

Thanks for the reading! I'm going to be busy for a while again so I'm not sure when I'll be able to update again.

Ta ta!

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